Zarmehr industrial mineral group was established on 1998 with the aim of mining activities especially exploring metal (Gold, Silver, Copper) and none-metal (Kaolin, Industrial soil, Feldspar, Silica) products. During the last decades his main industrial activities were in the extend of 6000 KM2 of geographical belt of KHAF & DAROUNEH. The company used national and international expert and could receive different operation license of Gold, Kaolin, Silica and Industrial soil.

Zarmehr industrial mineral group has received at least 10 certificate of the national and local appreciation of the best mining and producer and cooperated with universities within and outside the countries and could support and present 7 PhD and MA Thesis internally and 2 thesis internationally (From ITC Netherland) and had published and submitted many academic and professional papers in different journals worked out by his team.

As the first private Joined stock company of the country Zarmehr could localize knowledge of exploring gold and silver and though it is not allowed to visit any gold factory in the world, Zarmehr is producing gold and silver bars and presents it to Iran Metal stock exchange on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is worth mentioning that factory machines and parts were designed, built and localized all within the company (except the ball-mill)

Zarmehr Address
  Central Office : Mashhad - Ahmedabad - Blvd Reza - Corner of R 25 - Building Parsis
  Tel-Fax: 8 - 38450246 (051)
post box : 143/91865
  Factory: Torbat-e-heydarieh, km 9 baig road - Fadihah
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