Accredited Lab

The Zarmehr Industrial Group Laboratory established in June 2006, is the first and only laboratory in the country accredited with alloying gold, silver, and ores. This laboratory has also been able to obtain accredited patent for alloying products, bi-products and jewels manufactured from precious metals. All gold ore analytical tests are performed in this laboratory and gold and silver are alloyed with a 999.9 precision. The Fire Assay method is used in the analysis of gold and silver in ores using an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer while lead, zinc, iron, and copper are analysed using acidic methods in atomic absorption machines. A list of other tests and measurements carried out at the Zarmehr Laboratory are as follows:


 ** Gold and Silver analysis using a cyanide solution in the extraction in organic matter
** Measurement of the band index of minerals
** Alloying gold in bullions and bi-products ** Design and performing tests of processing gold form various ores and improvement of their condition
Zarmehr Address
  Central Office : Mashhad - Ahmedabad - Blvd Reza - Corner of R 25 - Building Parsis
  Tel-Fax: 8 - 38450246 (051)
post box : 143/91865
  Factory: Torbat-e-heydarieh, km 9 baig road - Fadihah
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