Gold Mines

Kuhzar gold depository is located 180 km south of the city of Mashhad and 40 km northwest of the town of Torbat – e- Heydarieh. This mine covering an area of more than 17 km2 encompasses a collection of active mining areas spread throughout the depository. 33 mining areas have so far been identified.

gold mine

The Zarmehr group began its systematic and scientific exploration activities in 1998 in the Kuhzar area. These extensive explorations carried out by a specialized and expert Iranian team ultimately lead to the acquisition of an exploitation licence in 2004. The history of mining in this area dates back to before the birth of Christ. The existence of archaic mining activity such as excavations, melting slag, and remnants of stone mills bear witness to this.

gold mine

This company is also investigating and in the process of obtaining exploitation licences for mines in other parts of the nation such as Tanourche exploration zone and gold mines in neighbouring countries.

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