Gold Factory

Zarmehr precious stone manufacturing factory entered construction and machine installation phase in December 2005. The construction was completed by Zarmehr’s Iranian experts. The process to manufacture gold bullion comprises the following steps: following extraction from the mine gold and silver ores are transported to the laboratory for analyses and then transferred to the crushing stage. The ores are reduced from 40 cm to 12 mm by jaw and funnel crushers. The crushed substances are then processed by ball mills.

The mortar is then entered into the automated separation system (hydro-cyclone) and separated into 75 micron particles and sent to leaching repository. The residuals are returned to the mills for further crushing. Lime and cyanide are added to the leaching tanks and air is pumped in for a specified period in order to allow the activated carbon to absorb the gold. A specified amount of activated carbon is taken from tank number one and following laboratory authorization entered into the allusion phase. These carbon particles are washed several times using water and hydrochloric acid and then moved into the separation column where under severe pressure and indirect heat the gold is separated from carbon and then moved to the cyanide solution stage. This solution is then transferred into the gold production chamber and transformed into impure gold through a certain process.

At the refinery stage gold, silver and their impurities are separated using modern equipment, where gold reaches 999.9 carat and is melted in high technology induction furnaces and then weighted and alloyed. 99.9 carat silver is also produced and delivered to the melting unit for casting purposes.

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